Sunday, 9 July 2017

A fresh start

As is now clear to regular readers, I have decided to change the host and domain site for my blog, ditching WordPress for Google Blogger. There are a few reasons why I have chosen to do this, but I won't bore you all with the ins and outs. 

I began political blogging exactly two years ago today at my old blog site,, which has now been deleted. I don't call my blog a specific name because I cannot think of anything appropriate and now realise that my surname has become fairly distinct. Most people I know now refer to me as 'Norgrove' (incidentally a name I consider to be quite ugly), which I'm sure has boosted any small amount of notoriety I now have. 

Over the past few days I have been reflecting extensively upon the evolution of my work and of my views. I thought now represented a good time to undergo a fresh start, in part because past posts no longer reflected my thoughts on a wide variety of issues, and in part because I am now a much better writer and, crucially, a much better thinker. 

My readership has grown, I am proud to say, from nothing to a dedicated monthly knit of 2,500. I want to thank all those who read, criticise and praise my work. Your feedback has been largely invaluable. 

In two months, I will be off to Royal Holloway University to begin a two year Masters Degree in the science of 'Elections, Campaigns & Democracy' and I am immensely looking forward to it. I now take academia, political debate and knowledge-expansion far more seriously than at any point in my life, and I hope this blog comes to reflect this. 

A myth exists, I am saddened to say, that blogging is now dead and utterly futile. I do not think this is true. My previous blog alone strengthened my employability and provided me with a string of broadcast opportunities. My work is read frequently by journalists, politicians and activists, and policy proposals I have written have even been circulated amongst MPs. 

Anybody who reads what I write and is interested in blogging themselves should know that it is rewarding and extremely useful in aiding personal and professional development. Just make sure you are consistent and keep at it, as I shall hope to do at this new site. 

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