Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My article in the Telegraph

...on how the Norway option can satisfy Leave's referendum demands can be read here. To get past Premium, just quickly register for free and you'll immediately be able to read. 

I hope this is the first of many such appearances in the public domain. 

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  1. This is a good article. Oliver Norgrove can't really tell readers, but the full article is available direct on-line on the Behind The Paywall website. This picks out good articles from the 'Times' and 'Telegraph' so Norgrove's article is clearly seen as an important one. Go to:

    The delightful photo of the EFTA countries' Ministers (three blondes!) is from 2016. The Icelandic Foreign Minister then, Lilja Alfredsdóttir, has been replaced by a man, following the General Election of November 2016, but Iceland's policy of supporting UK entry into EFTA remains the same. There has now been a General Election in Norway (September 2017) and the Eurosceptic right has gained seats; so the next Norwegian Government may be less pro-EU and more welcoming of the UK as a member of EFTA. (Contrary to some assertions the outgoing Government of Norway never expressed opposition to the UK joining EFTA, and the Storting has never had a formal debate on it.)